Fifteen. That’s how many “executive orders” our fake president signed on day one. Eleven Thousand. That’s how many jobs he destroyed with the stroke of a pen. He is certainly doing what he said he would do as president. He signed us back up for the Paris climate accord, killed the Keystone pipeline and ensured that those that cannot afford heating oil now, certainly won’t be able to going forward.

Under the guise of climate change, he will continue to destroy more and more jobs, raise taxes and PC us to death.

The dems are emboldened by this steal and will not stop until we’ve had enough. The media has nothing to say but praise and big tech is continuing to silence those of us that still believe in freedom and the greatness of the USA. Progressives want nothing else than to make us a “global community” and consolidate power. Our Republic is on it’s death bed.

Those of you that pray, please pray for our country before we lose it completely. I know that no matter how bad it gets, God can turn this thing around if His people will turn to Him. We have a government full of God haters and perverts and unless conservatives get off the couch and start voting, donating and getting involved……. you know what happens next.

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