End of an Era

Some folks have chastised my decision to take down the Facebook page on January 20th. Not that I need to explain myself, but here is the rationale behind my decision.

Facebook has proven to be troublesome. Anyone that has attempted to run a group or page of any size can attest to that fact.  It takes time and effort on top of a job and family.  To have quality content is near impossible with the advent of the leftists “fact checking” which throttles our audience.

The trolls do not help. I realize we do not want an outright echo chamber, but we do want civility which is something the left preaches for but rarely employs.  Keeping track of the instigators and countering their lies takes more time than they are worth.

We have a staff that have lives as well. Content needs to be supplied often to keep our audience and keep Facebook from changing our status.  We need more stories and need to keep the audience involved in order to be relevant with the influx of hundreds of other “patriot” pages.

Anyone that still believes that we will be allowed to operate a viable Facebook page after the Democrats receive their unbridled power is delusional at best.  It is not going to happen.  A platform that bans a sitting president from posting is not going to allow a page with 7k members to remain functioning.

Choosing your battles wisely is the only thing that makes sense. Moving our platform to one that does not censor is the only true option at this point. At least until the Democrats outlaw free speech.

We will remain here and on parler (@mainepatriots) and MeWe (Maine Patriots).  If you have a story or something you would like to share, please feel free to reach out.  skip@mainepatriots.org

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