Social Media Censorship

We all know that Facebook and Twitter censor conservative viewpoints on their platforms. The extent of which is being studied by many different outlets. We at Maine Patriots decided we would take a look at this issue as it applies to conservatives right here in Maine. If you or someone you know has been put in Facebook Jail, had a post removed, had a photo covered, or even had a “fact check” label placed on your post, please let us know. We are creating an article to highlight these instances and could really use your input.

If you do not wish for us to use your name, we can add you as anonymous as we know how the left loves to limit our freedom of speech.

Please send factual instances only. Be able to back up your story with screenshots if possible.

As we creep towards the November elections, it is imperative that our voices be heard. For those that do not believe the media, and Facebook in particular does not have a bias against us, this information is vital towards exposing the leftist lies.

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Skip – Editor-in-chief

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