What happened to COVID19?

So, with all the rioting going on I am just wondering what happened to Corona. We all know that it is a proven fact that the vast majority of people will recover, however, government CDC death rates predictions were supposed to be much higher. Does this virus know to avoid protests / riots? Or is it just one story to the next? Is it not being reported on? Or are they trying to change the narrative for a reason?

I believe everything that happens. happens for a reason. I find it extremely hard to believe that this is not all planned and funded by somebody. People were beginning to get restless, angry, bored, and fed up with the government overreach. So, by giving the people a way to vent themselves. they are also furthering their agenda by making it look like people are not able to control themselves without the federal government’s help.

They are also trying to make Trump look like the bad guy for using the national guard / military to restore law and order. Also notice that more small businesses have been hurt than large businesses. Yes, some large businesses have been looted. But from what I can tell the vast majority has been small businesses. Again, something to hurt our economy and cripple our country and then they can just blame it on Trump. Let us keep our eyes open and be ready for what happens next.

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