Are we losing our minds?

What have we come to in the country that people are calling for defunding the police? Have we actually come to that time in our history where our republic is disbanding to embrace anarchy? We have to ask ourselves how bad it has become in order to simply give up our common sense and decency in favor of lawlessness.

Everything is about race.  When will the brain washed populace see that they are being played? It is not about black and white; it is about good and evil.  A bad cop is a bad cop, no matter his or her skin color.

A bad cop is subject to the law just as a good cop. Their role is to keep the peace, not create a race war which threatens our very existence.  George Floyd was no angel, but he did not deserve to die at the hands of law enforcement. No one denies that fact.  But the reaction to this was millions of dollars of damage and 17 deaths. Was this warranted any more than Floyd’s death?

These so-called protestors destroying everything in sight and looting their own neighborhoods and businesses show ignorance beyond comprehension. No one can show me one good thing that has come from these acts of defiance. They say it is to bring attention to the social injustice. But these are the same people who cannot or will not take personal responsibility for anything.  If they commit an illegal act, it was because they were oppressed or poor or came from a bad family due to white oppression.

So, the answer to this is defund the police and create social service programs. 

No law enforcement, just reliance on the goodness of people because if they are treated better, they will miraculously stop being violent and have no reason to steal, cheat or lie. 

Again, I have to ask… are we losing our minds?