To Mask, or Not to Mask etc..

The question of the day appears to be, should you wear a mask if asked. The answer varies greatly. Even among conservatives, there is infighting not only on the effectiveness of masking, but also on the emotional issue of respect for others.

On the one hand, you have those that adamently refuse to mask if for no other reason than the governor has mandated it. To these folks, it wouldn’t matter if masking was the only thing keeping them alive, they would refuse based on the grounds of freedom.

On the other hand, you have the folks that truly and honestly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that this governor is spending every waking moment thinking of ways to keep us safe and sheltered from this terrible virus that would have simply wiped out the entire population of the state if she had not stepped in and put her foot down with executive orders.

Now for my personal opinion, take it for what it is. I chose not to mask. That’s right… my body my choice. There are several reasons behind my decision which are based in fact and which are based in the belief that this governor has gone off the rails and is out for money and power and will stop at nothing to get and keep both.

A cloth mask has been proven, by science no less, to be ineffective against the virus. Simple science. The holes in the fabric of the mask are too big and allow the virus to stroll right in. The more effective masks, we cannot get because they have been relegated to medical professionals. So, that leaves us with zero actual protection. Besides the fact that you are breathing in your own bacteria, carbon dioxide and excess moisture which can all lead to breathing issues themselves.

The “mask law” isn’t a law. The directive from the governor states that masks are required but with several “opt outs”. For one, if you can’t breathe in a mask, you have a medical reason not to wear one and it’s against the law for anyone to ask what your medical reason is. Secondly, the mask mandate only applies to areas where you cannot keep six feet apart. I don’t know about you, but I have no trouble at all keeping six feet apart from folks. I carry a firearm and in order to maintain situational awareness, it’s pretty difficult to do in close contact with others.

The same people that are telling us that wearing a mask is helping to slow the spread of the virus are the same people that were telling us a few months ago that masks wouldn’t do a thing. They laughed at the premise of wearing a mask to prevent getting COVID19 but yet, here they are, now praising the usage and even telling us how to make them for ourselves to be compliant.

It’s extremely unfortunate that common sense has left us. Since the outbreak, I’ve been saying the same thing. Wash your hands. Don’t sneeze, spit on, lick or kiss strangers and don’t let them do those things to you.

This virus has proven less virulient than the flu, which we have a vaccine for, and has killed far less folks than the so-called experts have been screaming at us from the start. Most of the folks that have died have had a myriad of other ailments which set them up to succumb to this. Without those pre-existing conditions, this would have passed. The numbers of ill and dead do not in any way justify the numbers of unemployed and failed small businesses in Maine.

Now to the respect part. Yes, I understand that there are those that are frightened. I get it, really. However, why does their fear trump my personal preference or comfort? If you chose to wear a mask, that’s great.. then I shouldn’t have to wear one then. How is it, that we have grown so “democratic” that we have to give up freedoms for others feelings?

When this thing slows down, and it will, be prepared for the second wave which will happen solely because we ran from it the first time. By shutting us down and not allowing the virus to take it’s course, we have done nothing but spread this out and Mills couldn’t be happier. She continues to extend the emergency order to gain more funding from the federal government when the only emergency is the one she created by shutting us down to begin with. There was no ventilator shortage, people are still dying of the flu, car crashes, and more so now, but also the direct result of not being free to have elective surgeries.

I chose not to wear a mask. Not out of disrespect but because I am a free person in a free country. I am not out to infect anyone, just as I am not out to shoot anyone because I carry a gun. I just want to breathe, so should you…..

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