Trusting China

With all the new deals Trump has been making with China, things were finally looking up. They were starting to pay their fair share just as Trump promised they would prior to his election in 2016. They recently made a deal to buy $250 billion a year from us. Then the other shoe hit the floor.

How odd is it that China, the originator of the COVID19 novel coronavirus, would also happen to have the least amount of cases? Why would it be that they denied access to authorities that could collaborate their numbers?

China has lied to us, given us poison dog food, tainted goods and has a long history of disregard for our copyright or trademark laws. They have continually forced us to pay tariffs on goods but expect to not pay when goods are shipped to them.

If you can get out of your house to shop, look at the shelves at your local box store. How many Chinese made goods do you see? When this is all over, I hope the American people will remember and we can finally have a resurgence of Made In America.

Skip is a follower of Maine politics and the editor-in-chief of Maine Patriots. He is a born-again Christian and lives with his wife in Dexter.

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