Restrictions on Personal Liberty?

On Thursday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan extended and revised a stay-at-home order for her constituents until April 30th. The order originally was slated to end on April 14th. Some of the previsions of the order do not seem logical in light of the reasons for limiting social distancing.

For instance, buying pot, lottery tickets and alcohol are allowed, however you are restricted from purchasing plants, seeds, home improvement items and gardening tools.

Other restrictions include no travelling between homes that you own, or vacation rentals in the same state and no visits to friends or relatives while the order is in place.

Ok, so I get it. Social distancing is necessary to curb the spread of COVID19. Especially in a state that has experienced 24,638 cases (an increase of 8,920 in just one week) and 1,487 “virus related” deaths. (More on “virus related” in another commentary).

At what point do we, as Americans who hold our constitution so dear, cry foul at the excessive restrictions on our personal liberties? When we are restricted from certain purchases due to an illness we are statistically NOT going to fall ill with if we use proper precautions and kept in our homes away from friends and family?

I pray daily that the state of Maine doesn’t become like Michigan. As Mainers, we still have our rights regardless of a governor who tends to try to “lead” the nation in her progressiveness.

Michigan’s stay-at-home order.

Skip is the Editor-In-Chief of Mainepatriots.Org and enjoys studying conservative issues. He is a born-again Christian and lives in Dexter, Maine with his wife Becky.

One thought on “Restrictions on Personal Liberty?

  1. NOW, It has gone to far ! We do know what is at stake here and most of us Americans, the true ones, should not, will not, tolerate most of these orders from our “elected” officials. Don’t tread on us !

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