Shutdown Economics

It is easy to not pay attention to things till they affect us in a personal way.

This coronavirus is affecting all of us more than we would like. Let’s look at specific ways this is hurting us.

A big industry in Maine is tourism and with summer coming many people are not going to be traveling this year. Many businesses are laying people off to try to stay ahead of the bills.

This affects not only the workers themselves but also the greater economy because these people will not be spending money as normal. Maine people spend money on local businesses so this in turn hurts more local people. Also, the travel restrictions mean less gas will be bought and less normal purchases.

People are panic shopping which means they are going to have supplies for later which means less purchases of those things later which also unbalances the economy more after things began to normalize.

The Governor closed all non-essential business, but people’s bills will keep coming. If someone is making a living of a job than in my opinion that is an essential business.

There is also a moral and mental cost. America was founded on the belief that the individual has a right to make their own decisions. If we start sacrificing freedom for the idea that the government is smarter than us, we set a dangerous precedent for the future.

The unemployment rate is reported to be greater than in 2008. If we continue to kill our economy like this, we could end up in a country that not one of us will recognize as the land of the free. We must each do our part to keep our country great and with Gods help we will get through this, but thing will probably get worse before they get better.