Our New Format

Since 2015, Maine Patriots has been sharing news from Maine and around the world as it pertains to conservative issues. We are proud to have done so. The next step in our efforts to inform Mainers is to make it easier for you, the reader, to find the information you need.

This website, coupled with the Facebook and Twitter feeds, is designed to make it easy for folks to read up on the continual ploy by the left to destroy our freedoms and our republic.

The Facebook page will continue to be the main focus for reposting news stories from other sources, fully fact checked by our editors.

This page will contain the original content that can be shared with others on Facebook or other means.

If you would like the opportunity to write for this page, please contact Skip by emailing him at skip@mainepatriots.org. Please provide a bio of yourself and a sample of your writing and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Together, we can stem the tide of disinformation from the left and make strides to pull Maine back from the blue abyss.

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