Maine GOP needs a shakeup

This week, the Maine GOP chose to eat one of their own, once again. Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro (also the Vice Chair of the GOP) was thrown under the bus for comments made to the Maine GOP twitter feed regarding immigration and vaccinations. 

The fact that the trouble started with leftist Strimling, mayor of Portland, should speak volumes regarding which side we should be on.  Instead of finding ways to defend another Republican champion of liberty, they looked to the RINO party to see which side they should take. Lance Dotson (R – for RINO) goes further and finds a message from some knucklehead on a facebook group that Isgro was apparently a member of that defended the NZ shooter and in true RINO fashion, Isgro became guilty by association. 

When will we as a party and as conservatives stop looking to the moderate/liberal arm of the Republican party to determine what is right for Maine? We’ve lost the elections that would have made a huge difference for our state and it seems we are poised to slide even further toward the abyss.  Some say we need the moderates to win elections but at what cost?

Obviously the values of moderates do not mirror our own so why would we allow them to influence the party?  Sen. Collins has voiced her displeasure at Isgro’s comments which should indicate, given her past record of voting against her constituent’s will, the “leadership” position of moderates.  This is bad for Republicans, conservatives and Mainers. 

It’s time to drain Maine’s swamp and tell the Republican leadership that they are no longer looking out for our best interests. I urge everyone to contact those responsible for leaning left and dividing the party and tell them you no longer support their platform and spread the news that the new regime in Maine is beginning soon!

Skip – Maine Patriots

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