Blue Trickle

So Maine lost on Tuesday, handily.  We now have a Democratic Governor, a democrat posing as an independent and a socialist democrat congressman.  How do we go from 8 years of prosperity to a “blue out” overnight?  What is wrong with Republican leadership in our state? Have they all lost their will to fight or have we become so afraid of offending the left that we left out key elements of our campaigns?

This should have been an easily won fight regardless of the out-of-state funding from the progressives.  We have a president who has done more in the last two years than most have done in full terms.  We could have easily rode on the red wave but somehow we fell off the surfboard.

100,000 registered Republicans did not vote in this election. Eric Brakey lost by that much. King has shown that he doesn’t particularly care about our 2nd amendment rights but yet I’m sure there are many Republicans that, fearing change, voted for him.  Moody was asleep most of this campaign and Bruce didn’t counter the lies of Golden enough to make a difference.  The left smeared us by stealing signs, flat out lying about the records of our candidates and the promise of free stuff.

As I look back, it seems to me that the Republican party of today is becoming the Democrat party of 20 years ago.  We keep sliding to the left both fiscally and socially.  How far are we willing to go before we simply bow to their demands completely?

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