The Seth Carey Dilemna

As many of you know,  the Republicans in Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties have put their muscle behind S. Thomas Carey for DA. Many Rumford residents recognize S. Tomas as Seth Carey, a colorful if not downright eccentric lawyer who has had a slew of legal problems of his own.  Seth is running on a platform of Trump support and little else. He admits that he has no experience, a checkered legal past and is currently suspended from practicing law which will ultimately prevent him from taking office should he be voted in.

Seth admits he has mental issues (one of the reasons he needs the job, for insurance), his psychologist has said he has a personality disorder and he has once again been served a restraining order from a former girlfriend.

He is also a former Baldacci campaign worker. You know, the democrat John Baldacci who bankrupted Maine before LePage saved our economy?

Despite all this, if you add the sexual assault allegations and the loss of a license to practice law to his living in his office in Auburn and having mental issues, what are the Republicans thinking?  Even if he gets the vote, he is NOT able to take the job. Is this what the Republican party has come to? Take anyone who agrees with Trump and back them 100%?

Please tell me we haven’t gotten that desperate…..

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