Collins and the insanity of the left

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few weeks you know that Senator Susan Collins has been the subject of the ire of the left who threatened, bribed and harrassed the senator to vote no on the confirmation of Judge Kavenaugh to the Supreme Court.

Now that she has voted yes, the left has intensified their hatred and is now calling for the boycott of all things Maine.  First off, I applaud Senator Collins on her courageous decision to vote for Kavenaugh’s confirmation. It should have been an easy task, in my opinion, considering she is a Republican after all, but that’s for another post.

Allowing the left to dictate the direction of the country is not only dangerous to our liberty, but in a way, helpful to the cause of conservatism. The left has shown it’s idiocy time and time again with their temper tantrums and vile threats against conservatives.

My only hope is that conservatives will wake up and flood the polls this coming election cycle. Do not become complacent! It is imperative that all of us push the red wave to continue to see freedom in our state. The future of Maine is in our hands and if you are not involved in the process, you have caved in to the liberal onslaught.

Have a great day Patriots!


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